Canon rent

Enterprise hub, an online service with an integrated CRM system.

Center for Strategic Assessment and forecasts

Informational and analytical hub with the elements of a social network is designed as a multi-language website. This resource is devoted towards analysis and evaluation of innovative potential of Russia and CIS countries, as well as evaluation of the sensitivity of financial markets to the external and internal influences.

Clothing store Lapana

Women's wholesale and retail clothing producer. A huge e-commerce website has more than 300,000 unique products in its database, ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, home textiles and hygiene products to household goods, leisure goods, souvenirs and toys.


Is a new member in the social network area; it is a unique project, which is not aimed to be a narrowly targeted resource. This network is designed for the musicians and artists so that they can share their oeuvre with other members of the network.


Online informational service for the RSS-feeds, additionally has social functions, and separately developed mobile applications.


Official distributor of office equipment for Canon in Russia.