Center for Strategic Assessment and forecasts

Informational and analytical hub with the elements of a social network is designed as a multi-language website. This resource is devoted towards analysis and evaluation of innovative potential of Russia and CIS countries, as well as evaluation of the sensitivity of financial markets to the external and internal influences.

A creative group of Russian scientists founded a strategic Studies and Forecasts Centre in 2012. This Centre studies and analyses the trends in the development of modern society, creating and developing the methodological basics of the informational and analytical activities, as well as establishing the international partnerships with other research centres. This organisation has a non-governmental self-governing structure; it studies the characteristics of the foreign and security policies. The major part of the business activity (especially in the area of information security and issues of the information society and the modern war art as well) is related to the activities of one of the founders of the Centre – PhD, professor of Technical Science Sergei Nikolayevich Grinyaev.

The aims or the project are the deep research and analysis of the main trends in the modern society development, the formation and development of the methodical basics of the informational and analytical progress, the establishment of the partnerships with other research centres in order to exchange the information and for the co-operation.

The feature of this particular proposal is the presence of a large amount of informational pages, which are divided into different projects and social aspects (politics, economics, sociology etc.) whereas registered users can actively participate in the development of the resource by getting the editor and translator rights.

Each user has a private account with the advanced features for each project.

The framework of the project is a hybrid of the CMS/CRM systems that we have developed via php-framework YII. The front part is based on the CSS-framework called Twitter Bootstrap. Responsive layout with a full mobile version of the resource is implemented specifically for this particular project. The resource is located on a separate server. It is translated into two languages. We used MySQL database; a separated server with caching technology “Memcached” and HTTP-server Nginx is dedicated towards this project. Version control system “Git” was used throughout the developing process.