Ildex is an online informational service for the RSS-feeds, additionally has social functions, and separately developed mobile applications.

The aim of the project is the development of the news reading service, where the user can select the source(s) of news, whereas the feeds will be provided, with the possibility of reading offline using a mobile application.


Resource features:

  • News from all users' feeds is being collected not from each and single user's device but centrally, by ildex server
  • The ability to read the news from both mobile devices and computer browser is implemented
  • The user has an ability to form of a list of popular news feeds
  • The ability to read the news without having to go to the source page is implemented for some resources; the connection with the social networks is maintained
  • Offline news reading is available through the mobile application
  • There is an opportunity to relocate the news into the “favorites” list, so that it can be easily accessible
  • The display of the statistics of the most popular news/channels is implemented

The project is based on the php-framework YII2. The front created via CSS-framework called Twitter Bootstrap. Responsive layout with a full mobile version of the resource is implemented. It is translated into two languages, but it will have a further expansion. A separated server with caching technology “Memcached” and HTTP-server Nginx is dedicated towards this project. Version control system “Git” was used throughout the developing process.