Clothing store Lapana

Lapana is a women's wholesale and retail clothing producer. A huge e-commerce website has more than 300,000 unique products in its database, ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, home textiles and hygiene products to household goods, leisure goods, souvenirs and toys.

The new e-commerce retail project with an existing product database was initially based on the unsuccessful website. The product database is identical to the wholesale store, which is a separate project.

The aim of the project is to construct an entirely new system, which will combine both of these e-commerce websites – retail and wholesale. Delivery point owners (partners of the Lapana) now have the access to their personal account on the website. Financial management and the generation of the accounting documents is maintained automatically via CRM system. The other objectives that have been identified:

  • Sales increase
  • Image improvements
  • Online sales
  • Services for the staff members
  • Services for the customers and/or partners

The project was designed via php-framework YII. Specifically for this project, we have developed a hybrid of the CMS/CRM systems. CSS-framework called Twitter Bootstrap is used for the administrative purposes. A separated server with caching technology “Memcached” and HTTP-server Nginx is dedicated towards this project. PostgreSQL database is used. Version control system “Git” was used throughout the developing process.

On the front part of the resource, we have implemented numerous features in order to simplify the use of a resource. These are – a wish list, parametric search, bonus system, online consultation, determination of user’s geographical position by using his IP-address. The ordering system is very flexible but sophisticated – you just leave your contact phone number so that manager can get in touch with you or you can go through all the stages of ordering the product yourself, indicating the point of delivery needed, the method of delivery and the payment method. Clients can have an access to their account, orders history, the list of pending items, items in the basket and their personal details.

The major part of the website is hidden in the administrative sector and cannot be seen by the ordinary visitors – it is an internal system component for the staff members and the representatives (partners) of the delivery points. In addition to that, numerous reports, product management, wholesale structuration, warehouse accounting, financial accounting, which also includes creating of the automatic accounting documents, are also situated in the administrative sector.

We have designed a third party application for the social network VKontakte and it can provide you with a catalogue of a simplified ordering system.