OraWa is a new member in the social network area; it is a unique project, which is not aimed to be a narrowly targeted resource. This network is designed for the musicians and artists so that they can share their oeuvre with other members of the network.

The actual aim of the project is to unify the creative people into one network and let them express themselves. Additionally, we want to develop the online music promotion, which also includes a music file-sharing resource.

The project is based on a php-framework called Laravel. Front page is built upon a JS-defined framework AngularJS. A separated server with caching technology “Memcached” and HTTP-server Nginx is dedicated towards this project. Version control system “Git” was used throughout the developing process.

As we devote most of our time towards the technical development aspect, our projects have a great potential due to their wide and optimal functionality.

The content is mostly created be the users themselves; this includes photos, videos, stories and music pieces. Our resource provides music with space on its server itself.

Network users can create their own projects, subscribe to the news of other members, create and share their own playlists.