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A sophisticated web platform with the main aim of staff performance improvement by means of activity monitoring and data analysis. Solving a number issues, it can be a perfect tool for any enterprise-level company.


The Concept

Big companies have hundreds of employees who are sometimes struggling in being productive. A big amount of paperwork, looking at the watch every minute, trying to keep-up with the deadline etc. makes the employees work inefficient. ActivityControl made up to change the way of work in enterprise-level companies and give them a number of tools and capabilities to create the most productive and comfortable workflow for each and every one by monitoring and controlling a wide range of activities.

The Objective

The client wanted us to implement multiple features, such as: Collecting security cameras data and creating video-content from the given screenshots by the use of ffmpeg library; Generating PDF reports from server side; Creating comprehensive RESTful API for the front-end based on AngularJS framework as well as for mobile version for Android and iOS platforms; Creating administrator panel.


The Outcome

As an outcome of our cooperation the client got working application that uses modern and reliable technology stack which includes Laravel , Angular, Twitter Bootstrap and interact.js library, ip-tele and Asterisk integrations etc.

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