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A property management system for real-estate owners and agents in Seattle,WA. Created for landlords rent the property quickly and for agents to find the property within just a few clicks and earning royalties for that.


The Concept

The application has a very nice target audience. It is created only for real-estate owners and agents in Seattle,WA. What is the most beautiful? - It makes perfect sense. Owners and agents can easily communicate through the app, the nice scheduling system helps to book showings qickly etc.

The Objective

We were hired to help on backend of the app to create it from scratch. The app should have presented a number of charts, displaying the workflow of the agent. Each and every property was to have it's type, a number of identifiers and cost etc.


The Outcome

Blue-Jay Rental is a big project that we created from scratch, it is a big custom-built progressive web application with a number of unique features which appeared as an idea and were succesfully implemented using top-notch technology stack. We completed a number of tasks and assignments. Here are the most significant ones: Created the code architecture; Added testing for API; Added documenting for API; Integrated Stripe for payment flow and security; Developed all needed functionality; Created DB's structure, set it up; Added Unit Testing. The application uses Google Maps and Stripe integration. Blu-Jay uses AWS S3 for storing data, images etc.

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