Web application


An Enterprise hub, an online service with an integrated CRM system. It is a conjoint project of the international corporation Canon Inc. and the Russian MK-Business, the official distributor of the Canon office equipment in Russia.


The Concept

The purpose of the resource is to provide a service to the customers and the partners of the organisation in addition to a promotion of renting of the technological devices (and other sorts of gadgets) and centralised management of multiple Web resources simultaneously.

The Objective

We were hired to create the application as full-stack developers. We were to design the project's architecture, create front-end part and set up a number of integrations.


The Outcome

As an outcome the client got a user-friendly web application which uses with an integrated CRM System and Yandex Maps API. We created back end using PHP and Yii Framework. Also, the application uses PostgreSQL database an Twitter Bootstrap.

Visit: CanonRent

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