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A top-notch Healthcare platform which allows user a customer to find the nearest reliable healthcare provider. You don't need to look for doctors, all them, trying to make an appointment. Just book it simply with Findoc.


The Concept

A number of people, who need any medical personnel struggling while finding a professional and reliable doctor. FinDoc provides you with a wonderful solution. There is, basically, no need of looking for someone on web, taking a shot. You can just go to FinDoc and book an appointment with a doctor, who has been reviewed by multiple users before you.

The Objective

Hired to work both on front-end and back-end we did a big amount with the project architecture and creating the front side. Aimed to create an MVP, we were given multiple tasks, such as creating chatting system and the appointments feature from scratch etc.


The Outcome

Finally, looking back we can say that the job was done in time and the client was absolutely happy with the outcome. We created all the features required and rewritten all the code, so it is clean and easy-to-read. Findoc made a breakthrough by winning The People’s Choice award in 2016.

Visit: FinDoc

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