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A blockchain-based real-estate investment hybrid mobile application created for people who'd like to buy a part of real-estate property withoust visiting a legal office. A user can trade his/her shares and bit/buy/sell his property funds and withdraws money he/she wants.


The Concept

The idea came up suddenly. It is perry common thing to invest money to real-estate but not everyone can afford it. HouseTradeApp allows to buy a small part of a property but makes this money work for you and it doesn't depend on the size of the property you have.

The Objective

We were hired as full-stack team and were in duty for the whole development project from the very beginning. One more important feature was the safety. It was decided to built the system's safety using Blockchain technology and the idea was successfully implemented.


The Outcome

Finally we created a very comprehensive hybrid mobile application using Ionic 2 and based on Etherium smart contracts. We created the application from scratch. Being inspired by the unique idea we created the app architecture in a timely manner, worked out and examined the security system based on Blockchain, implementeed responsive design and internal logic of sharing blocks between users etc.

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