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A unique and highly comprehensive messaging platform, that allows users create channels to collaborate with teams, customers and partners. It turns multiple communication channels into one.


The Concept

Nowadays we use different ways to communicate through the daily personal and working routine. Sometimes it is hard to held conversations in numerous messengers, e-mail and so on. The concept of Redkix is a Slack-like application which makes this communication easier by gathering all the conversation channels in the same place.

The Objective

We were hired to reinforce the application and completed multiple tasks and implemented a number of complex features suach as moving an existing code base from Angular 1.5 to React+Redux); creating Calendar component using ReactJS and NodeJS; overall code refuctoring and optimization; establishing integration with Google API; supporting of Angular version of RedKix application etc.


The Outcome

All in all, we helped to create a complex and well-built Web Application which was successful on the market and has shown wonderful results. The application is currently joining Workplace by Facebook and it's future seems to be bright.

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