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Here at MaybeWorks, we believe that great offers are simple offers. On our side, we will handle anything related to coding itself, while you can concentrate on things you are best at.

Dedicated Team

Extend your onsite development team or let us cover the entire coding process with qualified web engineers who work remotely from our Engineering Headquarters in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The core of our offer consists of full-stack web application development services with the focus on NodeJS or Laravel on the backend and Angular or React on the frontend.

This offer is ideal if you need a web development partner, extend your in-house team with additional technical experts or you are in need of a fully dedicated software development team, but don’t want to build one in-house.

Benefits of working with us

  • Flexible Team Size. Either you need a single developer for one week sprint or ten developers for a whole year, we can meet your needs.
  • Risk-Free collaboration. You pay only for the time spent on delivering the requested increment, no hidden fees, no up-front payments.
  • Instant start. We will provide software reinforcement for your project within 48 hours.

MVP Development

If you have a final vision of your product with finalized design, we are ready to give you a hand in bringing it to your customers. Having an optimized version of your application, which would reveal only its key features, you will be able to cut corners on time, money and risk. It will allow you to test its functions with your target audience or present it directly to investors. We are fond of creating expandable systems in order you could get the gist and funding for further development. It's time to find out how strong your idea is.

Benefits of building MVP with us

  • Fully Functional prototype that allows you to test main business idea
  • Agile development approach allows painless evolution of the product
  • Keep focus on the core values of the product
  • Let your customers check up the product faster

Code Quality Audit

A code quality audit is done thoroughly to give the client a comprehensive technical report about the existing project. By doing that you can be advised regarding potential risks and areas which should be improved.

If you’re getting an already existing application it is highly important to check it thoroughly. A detailed checkup can show you whether you have a great starting point.

It will also be a great way to make sure that the launch goes smoothly if you are on your way of introducing your product end users. The code audit will assure you that there are no hidden issues in the codebase.

You may be creating your product using an in-house team or outsource coding, anyways, the code audit will provide valuable information.

What improvements can a code review bring to your website?

  • Increased performance
  • Enhanced structure and reliability
  • Adherence to best engineering practices and standards
  • Comprehensiveness of comments in code
  • Better stability and maintainability

Upgrading a website to the cutting-edge technologies

If your system is developed on an archaic technology stack, its further development and security resilience is a real challenge. MaybeWorks will create a roadmap and perform an upgrade of existing technologies used on your project from one component to another, maintaining efficiency during the upgrade process.

We could handle the following popular upgrades

  • AngularJS to Angular 7
  • AngularJS to React
  • Laravel 4 to Laravel 5
  • Any other cases, if your final destination includes our tech stack

Product Rescuing

«Rescuing» the product would suit you perfectly if things at their whole don't work according to the plan or functionality behaves incorrectly after the previous developer's team failed to deliver what you wanted.

We will handle restoring the system's availability

We all know what happens when unprofessional development takes place and when the product is left in pieces. Finding a good team to sort things out is a risk because not every team will be available to fix specific pieces of software as they need to be highly qualified to resolve such issues smoothly and quickly. Our team will be able to help you recover not only the current version of your product but also protect and support regular releases of new versions.

Preparing the product for an urgent release

Sometimes it is a matter of life and death to deliver products several weeks before the release. We have been earning experience to quickly understand the legacy code, dig into weaknesses and ways to fix them. Regardless of the number of issues, we always do our best to deliver your product's version in the release.

"Rewriting everything from scratch" - is a commonly known phrase for a number of developers, but it goes aside from the business that has already invested in the product's development. If there is even the slightest possibility to maintain and adjust existing software - we will use it!.

PWA Tuning

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are applications that loads more like websites but provide users with mobile-like experience.

If you are aimed to have a web application that is extremely fast and offers offline capabilities and push notifications, we’ll redesign and rebuild it from the scratch based on the latest PWA standards.

Benefits of tuning your app to PWA

  • Immersive Full Screen Expereince
  • Respond quickly to user interactions
  • Load instantly and works offline
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