Outsourcing (or use of an external resource) - transfer of some certain business processes or functions into the service of another company that specializes in the relevant field.



Outsourcing cooperation format allows us to optimise and reduce customer’s expenses – specifically – to reduce the amount of resources needed for the search and selection of the employees, their enrolment into our company, providing job places, purchasing and configuring hardware and software licenses.

We efficiently solve all sorts of problems within different web aspects, such as software development, web services and mobile app outsourcing. We are dedicated towards working with companies of any industry and any scale – whether it is IT-developers or corporations of different sectors (financial, mass media or production). We guarantee a responsible approach towards the project, confidentiality of your information and high-standard result is our main target.

Project management is centralised and performed by our team or the customer's representative in a convenient format for him.

We provide you with:

  • The team of qualified professionals, which regularly expand skills and knowledge in their specialisation areas
  • Getting in touch promptly
  • An effective system of management and transparency of communication;
  • A quick start of the project;
  • The opportunity of immediate team scaling to a certain extent if necessary
  • Balanced estimation of the deadlines
  • The access to the advanced information technologies
  • Distributed quality control system
  • The consultations with highly experienced professionals, who managed to release hundreds of different projects.

In addition to designing and developing, our team is ready to deal with further support and flourishing of your project on the regular basis.