Web development

We can provide you with a wide service spectrum of web development services. We develop projects of any complexity level, starting with simple non-commercial websites and going onto sophisticated and complicated web apps, hubs and social networks, CRM and ERP systems. We can easily manage simple tasks, as well as very specific and narrow-directed problems. Our most significant advantages are progressive modern technologies and effective methods of succeeding. Therefore, the idea of our customer gains its functionality and vitalisation thus satisfying all the needs we are told about.

Web apps, websites and e-commerce apps development.

Web apps, websites and e-commerce apps development.

High-quality development of any web resources. We can design web apps, websites, hubs, catalogues, social networks and e-commerce websites of any level of complexity.

In addition to that, we are very happy to produce and implement a unique administration system for you; therefore, you will get the control over the content of any project designed for you and we will make sure that all the wishes and demands of a customer will be taken into consideration. High-standard functionality, reliability and code integrity are the most crucial aspects of our service. MaybeWorks has experience creating multi user systems that perform well, even during high demand. By applying modern solutions, we considerably reduce the burden on the servers of our customers, therefore giving them an opportunity to achieve stable functioning even during high demand.

Systems, which we created for the e-commerce websites control (CMS), are very understandable and easy to use. The control over the stages of the transition of the goods will be automated for you. For instance, starting with the order registration on the website and all the way through, until its delivery to a consumer. Nevertheless, the e-commerce websites, which we created, are fully focused on the operations with the customers and in the very beginning will start producing profit.

If you will let us deal with your project, you will surely make a right decision! We will not just create a website (online-shop, catalogue, a hub or social network); we will also make sure that you will be satisfied with the service and contented with our exceptional standards. We are proud of our ability to implement and manage turnkey solution; therefore, we will provide you with the best solutions for all the issues you will come up with.

CRM Development

CRM Development

For any company wishing to increase sales and reduce expenses, CRM development is a mandatory step. This allows us to raise labour productivity and social interaction with the customers to a new level.

CRM allows you to automate customer relationships and improve the service quality. All the information is automatically saved and then can be analysed. Due to that, it is possible to build effective marketing strategies based on the specific needs of every single potential customer.

CRM system allows staff members to take orders promptly, storing of customers’ purchasing history and, in general, organising of an effective cooperation of individual employees and entire departments. Communication costs will fall sharply through the development of CRM and overall performance will considerably increase. The specialisation of the firm does not really matter.

In addition to basic functions, CRM systems include numerous advanced features; among those are analysis of each employee’s efficiency and the ability to analyse sales and market trends. This allows you to adjust the work patterns in the right direction.

We are providing high-quality services of CRM development to our customers, which is guaranteed to have all the features needed for work; in addition to that, it will ensure that sales will be optimised and increased rapidly, which is the most significant aspect of e-commerce.

UI and UX services

UI and UX services

Beautiful, efficient, unobtrusive or aggressive web design is an essential aspect of any web application or a website that has to be profitable and attract as many customers as possible. Will the customer make an order or simply leave the web page – mostly depends on the web page design.

Development of web design needs to involve many nuances in order to achieve optimal results. After all, a beautiful picture is not the only thing that should be considered; other concerns are the psychological characteristics of potential buyers, the level of confidence gained while using the website and many other delicate but very significant aspects. Therefore, web design can only be trusted to the highly experienced professionals who will be able to cope with their work, therefore providing customers with the best quality service.

User interface design and its functionality also play a significant role. Marketers proved that the smaller number of consecutive clicks needed to finally order the product, the greater number of people will buy it. Therefore, the interface design should be as simple and intuitive as possible.

Our company offers a high-quality web design and user interface design. We can assure you, any design we create will be utterly attractive, understandable and there will always be numerous customers on your website. At the same time, we always guarantee a positive result of our work, since highly qualified specialists work on them as much as needed, so that perfection can be achieved.

Development of third party apps

Development of third party apps

Third party app is – category of software products that are based on the operating system (either mobile or desktop), an existing program or a service. The application itself operates as a “third” party with respect to the vendor (creator), and the user – the service, software, hardware, based on which work is underway.

Third party app can be as a relatively independent program (mobile app). Its components are plug-ins, extensions or additions to an existing software. Third party app traditionally increases the list of product features, solving the problems of integration and interaction with the software, using the API resource base.

Regardless of the functional specificity, platform and application structure – we are ready to fulfil its development entirely. The team guarantees accurate completion of the vendor requests in terms of technical implementation, security and stability of the third party apps.

Technical potential of our company allows us to develop the following types of third party apps:

  • Applications (for services, social networks, computers and mobile OS)
  • Plug-ins and extensions (for browsers and software)
  • Supplement to existing software products

We carry out professional web development, providing constant monitoring of the service quality at each stage of the development, complex testing and a full-time project revision after it is released and if it is needed. All these factors prove that we are keen on providing top quality service to our customer even after the work is done!

Further development and modernisation of the websites

Further development and modernisation of the websites

In the modern world, with its rapid development, it is necessary to keep up with the time. Your web resource, even if initially it is wonderful and modern, over time, it may obsolete technically as well as require increased functionality, efficiency improvements, or change of its appearance. Our company will consider all your concerns and deal with any of your issues with the highest level of professionalism.

Further development and modernisation of the website is not less challenging than creating it from scratch. It is necessary to introduce new features, preventing any damage of the performance of the initial code. Only true professionals are able to carry out this work, being able to understand someone else's code and have a thorough knowledge and experience of dealing with related issues.

It is worth noting that most of the errors are always rooted in the source code, if it has not gone through several cycles of testing and those errors have not been identified.

Modifying or upgrading any web resource, primarily, we carefully examine all its functionality and demands of a customer and then we try to maintain these two parameters. Our company will take into consideration all your requests and solve any given task to the highest standard.

Technical support

Technical support

High-quality technical support of the websites and web applications is crucial for any organisation. It is not always cost-effective to have regular staff members who are able to deal with this sort of issues. With high-quality website development, they run smoothly, without interruptions.

Therefore, the best decision is to employ website developers temporarily and let them deal with the issues that arose. This approach allows you eliminate any problem as quick as possible, because your website developer is the one who knows about all the weaknesses of the product and all the possible problems, which will considerably reduce the amount of time needed to find solutions.

Technical support is one of the core areas of our business, because after the product implementation we try to develop it thoroughly, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. At the same time, we can always promptly and efficiently carry out our duties and eliminate all identified flaws during the testing process.

Technical Support of websites and web applications by our company may include the following:

  • Regular updates;
  • Editing of the articles
  • Maintaining the relevance of the information in the catalogues, price lists and other concepts
  • Backups of existing information
  • Performance analysis for advancement
  • Restoration of the resource data in case of hacking
  • Removal of malware, Trojans, etc.

Our technical support of the websites and applications that will allow you to forget about all the possible problems that can arise. Web applications will always be perfectly function under our control, regardless of the number of users and the load on them.