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Looking to supercharge your team? IT staff augmentation services amplify your capabilities by involving top remote developers, effectively bridging gaps in specialized skills head-on — all without the need for long term engagements.

Step into the realm of enhanced solutions with MaybeWorks’ staff augmentation for IT. Designed to bolster your in-house development team with right talent and expertise, our agile approach caters to your unique project needs. Whether you’re seeking to extend your technology workforce, address highly specialized projects, or overcome IT skill deficiencies, our tailored solutions provide you with seasoned engineers. Seamlessly integrating them into your internal team, MaybeWorks fuels your business with the flexibility and expertise it needs to thrive.

We supercharge ideas worldwide with NodeJS,
and Angular expertise

Benefits of the IT Augmentation Model

1. Flexibility

Easily scale your internal team up or down based on project demands without the constraints of hiring full time employees. With IT augmentation services you can swiftly adapt to changing tech requirements and industry trends.

2. Specialized Expertise

Access the best talent with specific IT skills and experience tailored to your business and project’s needs. Your core team can concentrate on strategic product development while you delegate specialized tasks.

3. Reduced Recruitment Burden

Skip lengthy hiring processes and expedite project timelines tapping into a ready pool of dedicated candidates. Plus, you will avoid costs for long term engagements like benefits and training paying only for the tech finesse you employ.

4. Innovation

Zoom out by introducing fresh insights and ideas from external IT pools with staff augmentation. Seamlessly blend the skills of domestic specialists and offshore or nearshore software development talent to craft your ideal team.

5. Risk Mitigation

Minimize risks associated with project delays rapidly integrating qualified professionals. Augmentation of technology staff ensures a smooth workflow by providing a safety net against unforeseen challenges.

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IT Staff Augmentation: Your Agile Partner

Need an IT project delivered quickly and efficiently, but lack the in-house resources? Technology augmentation staffs the tech roles you need and when you need it. Think of developers? Data engineers? Software experts? No problem. With staff augmentation services you’ll fill any IT skill gap instantly, giving your project a vital boost.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, it doesn’t mean handing over entire projects. Instead, you gain just the right talent with onshore or nearshore outsourcing options or even globally. You’ll be amazed how agile this approach is offering you maximum flexibility.

Whether you’re a startup, growing business, or established enterprise, this model tackles fluctuating workloads, temporary business needs, and specialized skill requirements effectively.

When to Opt for the Staff Augmentation Model in IT?

Unsure if software engineering staff augmentation is right for you? Discover the common scenarios where it shines. If any of these situations resonates with your current IT challenges, team augmentation can be the best answer you’ve been looking for.

You have a development team

Bridging critical skill gaps in your high-performing crew? We’ve got you covered. Augmentation services of a dedicated tech team helps you reach new heights.

Your internal tech lead needs hands

No matter how complex your project, our augmented software engineers have the expertise to bring it to life. Turn bold technology dreams into reality — our development team will empower your vision.

You want to fast-track your projects

Project crunch? Our remote software developers streamline your tech initiative with the extra talent you need. Achieve your IT goals faster, smoother, and with ease.

You want to hire tech talent efficiently

Assemble your right team, right away: Staff augmentation streamlines top talent acquisition in your company and fuels your growth, allowing you to focus on your game-changing ideas.

You want to expand your team’s skillset

Startups growing pains? Complex IT projects often require specialized skills your existing team may not have. IT staff augmentation model allows you to tackle challenges without adding permanent headcount.

You need a boost for a short time project

Our technology staff augmentation offers flexible, per hour expertise for rapid implementation of your IT project. Get the right talent, pay only for what you need, and achieve results quickly.

MaybeWorks's team in the office photo

How IT Team Augmentation Works

Although one size does NOT fit all when it comes to partnering with IT staff augmentation companies, there are basic steps to most processes.

First, clearly outline your outsourcing objectives. Do you have a skill gap that needs extra talent to be filled? Are you short-staffed for your project and seek other service providers?

Having a clear grip on your staffing needs, you assemble a high-performing development team driven by the energy, creativity, and tech expertise needed to complete your project on time and on budget.

IT Staff Augmentation Services We Provide

Full stack developers

Front-end developers

Back-end developers

Ionic developers

Database developers

NoSQL developers

SQL developers

ERP developers

CRM developers

SaaS developers

Full stack developers

Empower your project with versatile expertise of our elite engineers. Mastering both UI/UX design and complex back-end logic, our dedicated full-stack developers offer comprehensive front-to-back solutions. Leverage their industry-specific knowledge to build high-performance applications and watch your project flourish.

Front-end developers

Make your vision a reality with our front-end development team. They’re not just coders, they’re artists and architects who sculpt stunning interfaces and craft intuitive user experiences. Their expertise spans the latest frameworks and technology, ensuring your website or app is both visually captivating and functionally flawless.

Back-end developers

While your users see the dazzling interface, our back-end developers work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring your project runs like a well-oiled machine. These tech wizards are masters of code, crafting secure, scalable, and lightning-fast infrastructures that power your software.

Ionic developers

Don’t just build apps, build relationships. Our Ionic developers become an extension of your internal team, diving deep to craft high-performance apps that thrive on iOS, Android, and the web. Don’t compromise on performance or reach — with us you’ll build apps that connect to the world, effortlessly.

Database developers

Data is the lifeblood of your enterprise. Invest in the foundation of your business with our database developers, who keep it secure, accessible, and working for you. From data modeling and migration to performance optimization and security audits, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your unique business database needs.

NoSQL developers

Our NoSQL development team empowers you to wield the latest technology for tackling complex data challenges. They unleash unprecedented scalability and seamless connections between your NoSQL databases and other systems, creating a flexible data ecosystem that fuels innovation.

SQL developers

Our SQL developers are proficient in designing normalized database schemas, enforcing data integrity, and creating efficient queries for complex business logic. With a deep understanding of indexing, optimization techniques, and database tuning, they contribute to high-performance systems.

ERP developers

For enterprise companies, the right software can be the difference between progress and stagnation. Our seasoned ERP developers understand this, crafting solutions that equip employers and streamline your operations across the board. They’re not just coders, they’re your business transformation partners.

CRM developers

For enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to large firms, exceptional customer relationships are the driving force. Our CRM developers don’t just build software. They partner with you to understand your unique needs and create a CRM solution that smoothly integrates with your existing systems and processes.

SaaS developers

Struggling with complex software licenses and infrastructure? Our external team of SaaS developers can liberate you from this burden. We craft scalable, secure SaaS solutions that boost your business growth. Our expertise in cloud technology fuels the development of SaaS applications that turn happy customers into brand advocates.

Why MaybeWorks?

Tired of staffing roadblocks? Level up your team with laser-focused augmented engineers!

For over a decade, our team augmentation services have been the secret weapon behind countless client wins. Our custom-crafted solutions land the best talent every time, guaranteed to blast-off your goals. So don’t settle for a generic staffing agency. Choose the veterans of technology who turn dream projects into reality.

1. Tech Leadership Oversight

Experience the power of strategic guidance of our tech leader — at no cost for you. While our engaged developers are augmenting your talent pool, our technology visionary ensures flawless execution and top productivity for your project to thrive.

2. Outstaff Manager Supervision

Launch your best project with streamlined IT staff augmentation! Enjoy complimentary supervision of our experienced outstaff manager to seamlessly fill crucial roles for the most complicated projects. Our Outstaff manager will take care of all communications and organizational issues that will allow you to focus on what matters — exceeding your business needs.

3. Technical Expertise

Our dedicated team of 50+ skilled developers brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to every project. Their diverse skillset covers everything from front-end to back-end and beyond, tackling any technology challenge with ease.

4. Solid Client Trust

It isn’t just a tagline, it’s the foundation of everything we do. Clients choose us again and again, not just for a decade of wins, but also for our collaborative approach. Our team goes the extra mile to become your trusted staff augmentation partner.

5. Clear Communication Emphasis

With our empathy-driven soft skills, we’re always in sync with you. We foster clear communication, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Our unique staff augmentation model for IT sparks transparent relationships for top results.

6. End-to-End Tech Support

Forget juggling multiple outsourcing vendors and fragmented processes. As your full-service firm for technology staff augmentation, we offer one-stop support by filling your software development roles with the best tech talent.

7. In-House Development Team

Forget the IT team hire hassle — with our in-house developer augmentation services we don’t just staff vacancies, we amplify your internal team with our top engineers already excelling within our ranks.

What Makes a Difference

It takes only

24 hours

until you get developers’ CVs with hourly rates

2-4 days

efficient interview setup with your top picks

1-2 weeks

seamless onboarding for remote team members

Why Augment Your Tech Teams with our Engineers?

A technology staff augmentation model is a great solution when your company needs access to top talent pools without overhead associated with full time employees. Go from “we need help” to “mission accomplished” with the right business model.

IT staff augmentation model Software outsourcing vendor Dedicated software development teams
Expand your current team as needed
Acquire the top 1% of tech expert within your timezone
Fill gaps in specific required skills

Integrate extra talent into your in-house teams

Manage the team personally
Get the dedicated team working alongside you
Minimize in-house engineers involvement
Diminish oversight from management leveraging our PMs

Experts in Advanced Niches

Our Featured Team Members for Your Staffing Needs

Myhailo N.

Full Stack

Crafting pixel-perfect UIs and powering them with robust, scalable APIs. Fluent in building user-centric, responsive applications that excel in performance and accessibility. A true believer in collaboration and a clean code style.

photo of MaybeWorks's developer - Myhailo N

Iryna D.

Full Stack

Building seamless experiences from pixels to pipelines, Iryna is a full-stack architect who thrives at the intersection of design and functionality. Fluent in JavaScript and Python, she leverages her expertise to craft elegant front-ends and efficient back-end solutions.

MaybeWorks's developer - Iryna D photo

Anatolii Y.

Full Stack

Crafting visually stunning, responsive UIs with intuitive navigation, incorporating accessibility best practices into every pixel. Seamlessly collaborates with designers and developers to translate design visions into clean, performant code.

MaybeWorks's developer - Anatolii Y photo

Dmytro K.

Full Stack

With years of experience developing effective server-side solutions, Dmytro bridges the gap between frontend vision and powerful backend functionality. Obsessed with writing maintainable code to ensure your project is future-proof.

MaybeWorks's developer - Dmytro K photo

Serhii M.


Expert UX conductor, Serhii orchestrates interactions that delight and guide. He shares his front-end expertise in crafting responsive interfaces that adapt to any device and cater to diverse needs. With a focus on accessibility and performance, Serhii ensures every user has a smooth and enjoyable journey.

MaybeWorks's developer - Serhii M photo

Yevhen C.


Our pixel perfectionist who breathes life into digital experiences. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a mastery of modern frameworks, she crafts interfaces that captivate and convert. Driven by a desire to connect with users on a deeper level, Yevhen is always finding new ways to push the boundaries of interactivity and storytelling.

MaybeWorks's developer - Yevhen C photo

Oleksii T.


Armed with his mastery of languages like Python and JavaScript, Oleksii builds efficient APIs, databases, and microservices that ensure smooth operation and lightning-fast responses. He thrives on logic and problem-solving, always seeking the optimal solutions to keep the engine running flawlessly.

MaybeWorks's developer - Oleksii T photo

Viacheslav L.


Transforming raw data into insightful stories that empower business decisions, Viacheslav is our backend dynamo. Utilizing languages like SQL and NoSQL, he designs and implements complex data pipelines. His passion lies in extracting meaningful insights and driving the team towards data-oriented strategies that truly move the needle.

MaybeWorks's developer - Viacheslav L photo

Vladyslav L.


Weaving user journey insights into intuitive interfaces and building resilient backend systems. Focused on crafting systems that protect sensitive information with optimal user experience and usability in mind.

MaybeWorks's developer - Vladyslav L photo

Our Technical Expertise as Best IT Staff Augmentation Company

Programming languages JavaScript TypeScript Python PHP
Frontend React Angular 2+ Next.js
Backend Node.js Flask Express Lavarel Nest.js Django
Database MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB
Cloud Database Amazon DynamoDB Redis Firebase
ORM TypeORM Sequelize Prisma Mongoose
DevOps AWS Google Cloud
Hybrid mobile app Ionic React Native
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Reliability with Confidence

The result of our work is expressed by the confidence of our Clients choosing us on and on. It is what makes us a reliable partner.

client photo

Richard Myers

linkedIn button

Vice President, Gartner. United States

"MaybeWorks has been very good to work with. Their staff is very quick to respond to our requests and provides solutions and suggestions to meet our requirements. Working with MaybeWorks has enabled us to move forward at a much faster pace than just working with individual freelancers. By utilizing MaybeWorks for a number of projects, we have been able to gain synergies through their working close together and the ability to easily pass on knowledge as we change the dynamics of the team based on our changing needs. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”
client photo

Nick Kraakman

linkedIn button

Technical Director, Headjack. Netherlands

"It was great to work with MaybeWorks. Their developers successfully delivered a functional web app that could process a large amount of user-uploaded video. The professional team that is highly responsive to the client`s needs. content”
client photo

Willi Heidebrecht

linkedIn button

Owner of Sparkbase. Germany

"After writing excellent code and fixing bugs, MaybeWorks delivered a performant website. Everyone at MaybeWorks was caring and always strived to please their customer.”
client photo

Harel Daniel

linkedIn button

CEO, HARELIX Systems. Israel

"We highly recommend MaybeWorks if you are looking for a reliable web development provider. The team was instrumental in enabling the company to proceed with producing the final app. They were friendly, dependable, and versatile.”
client photo

Ivana Simic

linkedIn button

Recruiter at ElephantStock. Israel

"MaybeWorks Team delivered good work and projects during engagement with our company and we enjoyed working together. Thank you!”

Key Facts About MaybeWorks Staff Augmentation Services


skilled in-house developers


weeks from your request to onboarding


weeks for smooth developer’s replacement


augmented external teams all over the world


years on the world market


1. How do you assess the skills and qualifications of the IT tech talent you provide for team augmentation?

We prioritize exceptionally skilled developers with a strong portfolio of successful projects who proved their demonstrably relevant experience within our own evaluating system.

2. What is your process for matching software developers with our specific project requirements and culture?

After we thoroughly examine your project scope, we leverage our deep developer pool to identify experts with the right technology skills and cultural fit for your team.

3. How quickly can you scale up or down the team with your software engineers as our product development needs change?

Our flexible augmentation model allows you to staff or vacate roles in your in-house development team quickly and easily, within a few weeks.

4. How does your staff augmentation model ensure the security and confidentiality of our company’s data and intellectual property?

Rest assured, your data and IP are safeguarded with our multi-layered approach. Rigorous vetting, NDAs, secure access controls, and transparent agreements ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information. Adherence to industry security standards further upholds your trust.

5. What is the pricing structure of your IT team augmentation, are there any additional development costs we should know?

Our quotes are clear and comprehensive, with no hidden fees for standard development activities. We offer flexible engagement models with hourly rates on a time& materaial basis tailored to your business needs.

6. How do you handle communication and collaboration between your engineers and our internal team?

Each project has a designated manager to facilitate smooth communication and address any business needs or tech questions efficiently. We prioritize clear and consistent communication through platforms like dedicated Slack channels, video conferencing, and project management tools.

7. Are you open to customizing your IT staff augmentation services to meet our needs and requirements?

Absolutely! Tailoring is our strength. We customize our staff augmentation services to perfectly match your specific requirements, tech skills gaps, and budget.

8. Do you have an onboarding process for the development team you provide to ensure they integrate seamlessly into our existing staff?

Yes! Our smooth onboarding process, powered by our genuine expertise in staff augmentation service, gets them up to speed fast. Expect thorough training, clear communication, and knowledge sharing to make them feel like part of your IT crew in no time.

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