Our ERP engineers’ solutions

MaybeWorks goes beyond simply filling ERP developer demand — understanding your specific needs, we provide you with experienced ERP engineers, ensuring you have the expertise needed to tackle even the most challenging projects. This empowers your team to continuously improve your ERP system and maximize your productivity.

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ERP development team augmentation

We offer a full spectrum of ERP expertise. Need a custom solution built from scratch? We can handle that. Looking to level up your existing ERP or scale for growth? Our developers will provide the best assist to accelerate development and deliver results that perfectly match your business needs. Hire ERP developers from MaybeWorks to leverage our comprehensive expertise and propel your ERP projects towards success.

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ERP system integration

Modern businesses rely on a complex ecosystem of applications and software. Hire ERP programmers to integrate your ERP system with essential tools like CRM platforms, accounting tools, and inventory management systems. This eliminates data silos and ensures effortless data flow across your entire technology stack, maximizing functionality and boosting efficiency.

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ERP system maintenance and support

Our expert ERP software developers become an extension of your team. They proactively monitor your system, deliver timely updates, and troubleshoot issues swiftly. This reliable support allows your team to streamline processes, improve project management, and focus on your business objectives. Join forces with our dedicated ERP software developer for hire to enhance your ERP system and drive business efficiency.

Services our ERP developers provide

ERP-specific expertise

Our custom ERP developers possess deep knowledge of ERP architecture, modules, and integration, allowing them to create tailored solutions. This flexibility ensures your ERP can react to your evolving business needs, driving success from day one. Hire ERP developers to get an ERP working seamlessly with your existing web applications and streamlining data flow.

Rapid prototype development

MaybeWorks uses agile methods with rapid prototyping to get your custom ERP up and running in a shorter timeframe. This allows for continuous feedback from your users, ensuring your ERP incorporates workflows and maximizes user adoption — all within a matter of hours, not months.

Custom module development

Generic ERP solutions can leave you wanting. MaybeWorks empowers you to find your best ERP developer for hire and build the perfect fit with our expertise in developing and integrating custom modules. Extend functionalities to fluidly connect with your existing systems and applications, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow.

Data security and compliance

MaybeWorks’ ERP developers prioritize the safety of our clients’ sensitive information. We implement robust data security measures, access controls, and industry-standard compliance protocols like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2. Your ERP data remains protected, giving you peace of mind and fostering trust with your stakeholders.

Scalability and performance optimization

As your business expands, your ERP needs to keep pace. Our skilled ERP programmers for hire are experts in crafting high-performance systems. This translates to fast response times, smooth operation under heavy workloads, and overall productivity gains — all critical factors for continued growth.

How to hire ERP developers?

Hiring process in 5 simple steps


Let us know your needs

ERP challenges got you down? Choose a skilled ERP developer for hire from our pool to tackle your challenges head-on. Contact us to discuss your needs and get ready to streamline your operations.


Set up a call with our Business Manager

Schedule a call with our Business Manager to discuss your ERP requirements. We’ll identify the best ERP developer for the job, ensuring a successful implementation.


Get CVs of experts meeting your requirements

We’ll send you CVs of our top engineers whose skills perfectly align with your project. Rest assured, when you hire ERP developer from MaybeWorks, you can build your ideal team for a successful ERP implementation.


Interview them and give them a test task

Interview the shortlisted ERP developers and assign a relevant coding challenge. This hands-on testing allows you to check their technical skills and problem-solving abilities firsthand.


Enjoy your cooperation with us

We deliver exceptional quality and ongoing support! Hire ERP developers from MaybeWorks to unlock a world-class ERP solution.

Our Technical Expertise As Best IT Staff Augmentation Company

Enegage experienced ERP engineers prepared to turn your vision into reality, leveraging the latest technology.

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Why hire ERP engineers from MaybeWorks?

At MaybeWorks, we combine deep technical knowledge with frictionless teamwork and clear communication. Let’s collaborate to drive exceptional results and remarkable ERP solutions.


MaybeWorks boasts a team of seasoned ERP developers with a track record of success. They leverage their experience and expertise to deliver high-performing ERP solutions that drive real business results.

Team collaboration

Our developers always have the resources they need to deliver exceptional results for our customers. Our ERP software developer for hire works hand-in-hand with our dedicated internal tech team, providing expert support to tackle your most complex ERP challenges.

Free supervision

Benefit from expert guidance throughout your project at no extra cost. Our dedicated technical leader and outstaff manager ensure smooth development, on-time delivery, and successful implementation — all within your budget.

Prompt interaction

Get your chosen ERP developer up and running quickly with our streamlined 1-2 week onboarding process. Plus, our extensive talent pool allows for swift replacements if needed.

Agile methodologies

Our expertise in Agile design ensures we adapt smoothly to your evolving needs. This means faster time-to-market and efficient delivery of your project goals. With MaybeWorks’ ERP developer for hire, get your solution launched quickly and start reaping the benefits sooner.


Clear and transparent communication — that’s what you get when you hire ERP developers from MaybeWorks. Prioritizing our client’s specific needs and goals for ERP projects ensures our experts are aligned with your vision, which means that our developing efforts perfectly match your expectations.

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Reliability with Confidence

The result of our work is expressed by the confidence of our Clients choosing us on and on. It is what makes us a reliable partner.

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Richard Myers

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Vice President, Gartner. United States

"MaybeWorks has been very good to work with. Their staff is very quick to respond to our requests and provides solutions and suggestions to meet our requirements. Working with MaybeWorks has enabled us to move forward at a much faster pace than just working with individual freelancers. By utilizing MaybeWorks for a number of projects, we have been able to gain synergies through their working close together and the ability to easily pass on knowledge as we change the dynamics of the team based on our changing needs. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”
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Nick Kraakman

linkedIn button

Technical Director, Headjack. Netherlands

"It was great to work with MaybeWorks. Their developers successfully delivered a functional web app that could process a large amount of user-uploaded video. The professional team that is highly responsive to the client`s needs. content”
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Willi Heidebrecht

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Owner of Sparkbase. Germany

"After writing excellent code and fixing bugs, MaybeWorks delivered a performant website. Everyone at MaybeWorks was caring and always strived to please their customer.”
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Harel Daniel

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CEO, HARELIX Systems. Israel

"We highly recommend MaybeWorks if you are looking for a reliable web development provider. The team was instrumental in enabling the company to proceed with producing the final app. They were friendly, dependable, and versatile.”
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Ivana Simic

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Recruiter at ElephantStock. Israel

"MaybeWorks Team delivered good work and projects during engagement with our company and we enjoyed working together. Thank you!”


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1. Do your ERP developers have experience with ERP system architecture and configuration?

Our ERP developers for hire are highly skilled in both ERP system architecture and configuration. They use their expertise to design, customize, and integrate an ERP solution that perfectly aligns with your business needs.

2. Can you provide examples of ERP projects that developers have worked on?

We have a portfolio showcasing successful ERP implementations across various industries. Let us know your specific needs, and we’ll connect you with relevant case studies.

3. What programming languages and technologies do developers need to know for ERP development?

Developing an ERP requires a diverse skillset. Our developers are proficient in languages like Java, SQL, and Python, along with expertise in databases and ERP frameworks for optimal customization.

4. Are developers familiar with ERP implementation methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid approach?

Yes, our ERP developers are seasoned in various implementation methodologies, including Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid approaches. We’ll discuss your project needs to recommend the best fit for a smooth and successful ERP implementation.

5. Do developers have experience configuring and customizing ERP systems to specific business requirements?

Absolutely! Our ERP developers are customization experts. They’ll tailor your ERP to perfectly match your unique business needs and workflows, ensuring a system that boosts productivity and drives growth.

6. Have developers worked on ERP integration with other third-party systems or applications?

Sure. Our ERP developers possess the skills and experience to connect your ERP with various third-party systems and applications, ensuring all your features work seamlessly together.

7. Can you find ERP developers who know how to work with complex business processes?

Our ERP developers have experience across various industries. We’ll do our best to match you with an ERP software developer for hire who understands the complexities specific to your business.

8. What is the typical engagement model for hiring ERP developers in your company?

We offer flexible engagement models! For short-term needs, consider our staff augmentation model where you hire a qualified ERP developer to fluidly integrate with your in-house team.

9. When working with your ERP developers, what are intellectual property rights and privacy terms?

We have standard agreements in place that clearly define intellectual property (IP) rights and privacy terms for both you and our ERP developers you hire. We’d be happy to provide you with a copy for review before we start working together.

10. What is your process for selecting and assigning ERP developers for our project?

We assess technical skills, ERP experience, and cultural fit to match you with the ideal engineer for your project. We then facilitate introductions and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

11. Can we conduct a technical interview or assessment with ERP developers before hiring?

Absolutely! Our Technical Director can help craft a pre-hire assessment tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you select the ERP developer with the skills to excel on your project.

12. What is the availability of ERP developers, and how soon can they start working on our project?

ERP developer availability depends on specific skills needed for the project. We typically identify a suitable candidate within a few business days. Once selected, onboarding takes 1-2 weeks.

13. What are the terms of engagement and pricing for hiring ERP developers in your HR services?

We offer flexible engagement models to suit your needs. You can choose a fixed project fee, or a dedicated team model where you only pay for the developers’ hours you use.

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