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Execution Period

2 years and 5 months

Augmented team

2 Full Stack Developers


  • 140+ client companies
  • Increasing user appreciation
  • Full suite of video creation tools
  • Seamless extension integration


Video Communication App

Empowering Everyone with Video Storytelling

Client Profile

Frustrated with text-based communication? Vormats, the user-friendly video communication app, cuts through the noise by making professional video creation accessible to everyone. This click-and-go solution empowers anyone, regardless of experience, to become a video storyteller. With beautiful templates, structured storytelling guides, and even autocue functionality for smooth delivery, Vormats provides everything you need to create high-impact content.

Originally envisioned as a tool for diverse applications like employer branding, job vacancy videos, and updates, Vormats has become a dynamic platform for anyone to share their voice and ideas in a world increasingly craving visual communication.

The Challenge

Recognizing the transformative potential of Vormats, our client sought expertise to elevate the platform’s capabilities. Two full-stack developers from our team were enlisted to:

  1. Refine the user experience.
  2. Implement new features.
  3. Integrate the app’s extension into Chrome.

The Fix

MaybeWorks’ collaboration with Vormats focused on delivering a user-centric platform that empowers everyone to become a video storyteller. Here’s how we achieved this:

  • Intuitive User Interface: We refined the user interface to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience for users of all experience levels. This allows anyone to comfortably create professional-looking videos for diverse purposes, including employer branding, captivating job vacancy previews, and engaging internal communications.
  • Seamless Video Creation Suite: Our developers implemented a comprehensive suite of video editing tools within the platform. Users can now effortlessly record, upload, trim, add segments, overlay music, and share their videos with ease.
  • Chrome Extension Integration: For enhanced accessibility, we seamlessly integrated the Vormats extension into Chrome. This allows users to access the platform directly from their web browser, further streamlining the video creation process.

The Gains

The collaboration between MaybeWorks and Vormats yielded remarkable results, transforming the platform into a powerful tool for democratizing video communication. Here’s a glimpse of the payoff:

  • Soaring User Base: The enhanced functionality and user-friendly design have significantly increased Vormats’ client base. Over 140 companies now utilize the platform to create diverse video content, showcasing its broad appeal across various industries.
  • Seamless Accessibility: The successful integration of the Vormats Chrome extension is a game-changer. Users can now effortlessly access the platform and its functionalities directly from their web browsers, further broadening accessibility and boosting user base growth.
  • Empowered & Satisfied Users: Vormats’ commitment to user-friendly design is reflected in increased positive user feedback. Users appreciate the intuitive features and enhanced capabilities, empowering them to create impactful video content with confidence.
  • MaybeWorks’ partnership with Vormats has demonstrably achieved its core objectives. The platform is now more accessible, user-friendly, and feature-rich, allowing businesses and individuals to harness the power of video communication and share their stories with the world.

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    Transition from AngularJS to Angular

    Upgrading your application from AngularJS to Angular 7 can be seamless and painless if you know how to deal with it. Angular 7 is way ahead of its predecessor in terms of productivity and efficiency, and if you are not taking its advantages yet, it is a high time to do so.

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    Web game development with Phaser: fast, fun and entertaining

    Creating web-based games is much easier than you can imagine. We added Phaser based game as an “easter egg” to our website in order to show you how powerful it is.

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    What can be created with React? Scope of React

    MaybeWorks is an IT staff augmentation provider, using React as a primary JS library for over 5 years. For this time, our staff has discovered all its features and gained significant expertise after completing over 100 projects. For instance, this JavaScript library is actively used by companies such as Airbnb, Coursera, Dropbox, eBay, Expedia, Netflix, The New York Times, and Reddit. We prefer ReactJS for its ease of use and simplified code debugging. In this article, we wanna share our ReactJS expertise with you.

    Sep 01, 2022
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    What is IaaS, and how does it differ from PaaS, SaaS, FaaS, and CaaS?

    MaybeWorks is an IT staff augmentation provider with over 10 years of experience in different technologies. IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, CaaS, and FaaS are the types of services that help IT services of companies get rid of the need to manage network resources, data storage, container technology, etc. The use of cloud services can reduce CAPEX and generally reduce the company's IT costs, increasing scalability and speed of product development and release. We want to share our IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, CaaS, and FaaS expertise with you in this article.

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    NodeJS Application development: why is it so popular?

    MaybeWorks is an IT staff augmentation provider, using Node.js as a primary development tool for over 5 years. Having started our way 10+ years ago, we have focused on NodeJS as a web app development tool. Our area of expertise is defined by web development, and we work with upscale techs to build powerful apps that allow enormous flexibility, stability, and long-term support. In this article, we are going to share our Node.js expertise with you and show why NodeJS development is worth your attention.

    Sep 14, 2022
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    Everything you need to know about developing complex websites

    At MaybeWorks, we know how to develop and maintain complex websites.

    Sep 21, 2022
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    IT Staff Augmentation Provider VS Freelancers: What Option Is Better?

    MaybeWorks is an IT staff augmentation provider partnering with clients worldwide since 2012.

    Sep 28, 2022
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    Top 3 Popular Databases and Critical Differences: MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL

    Today there are over 340 databases used worldwide by different projects.

    Oct 05, 2022
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    Real estate website development: what should your website have?

    Real estate website development is a vast topic with many pitfalls.

    Oct 12, 2022
    is-it-profitable-to-augment-your-development-team image

    Is it profitable to augment your development team?

    MaybeWorks is a reliable IT Staff Augmentation provider that has been partnering with clients worldwide since 2012.

    Oct 27, 2022
    typescript-what-is-its-power image

    TypeScript: What Is Its Power?

    JavaScript code should work predictably in every situation. MaybeWorks developers can add many checks to it, but it becomes cumbersome and difficult to maintain.

    Nov 04, 2022
    why-is-the-nestjs-framework-a-great-option-for-web-development image

    Why is the NestJS framework a great option for web development?

    Web development is a dynamically changing field: its technologies get outdated, and new ones replace them. Our developers constantly look for up-to-date technologies to cover all our clients` needs.

    Nov 09, 2022
    development-of-an-automated-human-resource-management-hrm-software image

    Development of an Automated Human Resource Management (HRM) Software

    A well-designed human resource management (HRM) system is a key component of the company's development strategy.

    Nov 16, 2022
    what-is-amazon-web-services-and-what-expertise-does-the-maybeworks-team-have image

    What is Amazon Web Services, and what expertise does the MaybeWorks team have

    Over 15 years ago, Amazon came up with the idea of creating a centralized system of services that they could use for efficient development internally and provide to external teams.

    Nov 25, 2022
    5-fintech-trends-in-2023 image

    5 FinTech Trends In 2023

    This has been a turbulent year on many fronts. New solutions and tools appear in the FinTech market almost every day.

    Nov 30, 2022
    native-app-vs-cross-platform-app-vs-pwa-what-to-choose image

    What is better to use for PWA development: Electron vs Ionic Framework?

    To develop a business, an entrepreneur must not only offer his potential customers a good and high-quality product or service but also simplify communication between the customer or buyer and the company's representative.

    Dec 09, 2022
    angular-evolvement-from-the-appearance-till-today image

    Angular Evolvement: from the Appearance till Today

    Web product development is built on frameworks. They are part of the technology stack, defined as any project`s development start. Most often, React or Angular is used for web product development.

    Dec 19, 2022
    custom-crm-software-development-why-does-your-business-need-it image

    Custom CRM Software Development: Why Does Your Business Need It?

    Businesses are under pressure to adapt to the rapid development of technology. Today, every commercial venture is connected to the Internet, where most goods and services are sold.

    Dec 23, 2022
    5-web-development-trends-for-2023 image

    5 Web Development Trends For 2023

    Now is the perfect time to look back on the past year and talk about the web development trends that will be in focus in 2023. We've highlighted 5 trends worth paying attention to develop relevant, memorable, and user-friendly web applications.

    Jan 02, 2023
    3-mapping-and-location-apis image

    3 Mapping & Location APIs for Website Integration And Their Advantages

    Map services are projects that create maps of cities and countries. There are many variants of Mapping & Location APIs.

    Jan 09, 2023
    microservices-software-architecture-everything-you-should-know image

    Microservices Software Architecture: Everything You Should Know

    Choosing an architecture for a project is an essential step for a product. After all, the project development and support process depend on this choice. This article focuses on microservices, but we will also look at other types of software architectures.

    Jan 16, 2023
    vr-and-ar-application-development-7-examples image

    VR and AR Application Development: 7 Examples of Successful Business Implementations

    During assisting VR and AR development teams in the gaming business, digital marketing, and education, MaybeWorks IT staff provider has accumulated a large number of examples of the implementation of these technologies.

    Jan 23, 2023
    rapid-application-development-rad image

    Rapid Application Development (RAD): Why Does It Is Worth Your Attention?

    The choice of application development methodologies is becoming the No. 1 challenge in a rapidly growing market.

    Jan 30, 2023
    javascript-history-why-does-it-so-popular-for-web-development image

    JavaScript History: Why Does It So Popular For Web Development?

    When it comes to programming languages whose main specialization is the usability and interactivity of web pages, JavaScript comes to mind first.

    Feb 13, 2023
    browser-wars-the-history-of-browsers-and-chromium-victory image

    Browser Wars: The History of Browsers and Chromium Victory

    After Internet Explorer 6 took over 90% of the browser market in the early 2000s, Microsoft took over 5 years to release Internet Explorer 7. In that period, the development of the web stopped, and security issues began to arise.

    Feb 22, 2023
    reasons-why-it-staff-augmentation image

    Reasons Why IT Staff Augmentation Is More Profitable Than Outsourcing In IT

    There is an alternative to outsourcing - IT staff augmentation. You enter into a contract with an IT staff provider like MaybeWorks, which selects and provides a certain number of IT specialists.

    Mar 03, 2023
    material-design-ui-in-react image

    What Is Material Design and Why We Use Material UI in React?

    Everyone is used to how Google interfaces look and work about the same. But 10 years ago, Gmail's Android and browser versions looked like completely different products.

    Mar 13, 2023
    mvp-development image

    MVP Development: Why Can't You Do A Successful Product Without It?

    Many startups fail in the first year of launch. At the same time, there are living examples of ideas that "shoot out" and grow into market leaders.

    Mar 27, 2023
    dashboard-development image

    Dashboard Development: All About Requirements, Tasks, Mistakes, and UI

    Dashboards are a time-saving tool, so the user should be able to interact with them easily. It is not the best place for unnecessary clutter, so you should look for the simplest and most obvious solutions. After reading this article, you will know everything you need to develop a high-quality and effective dashboard.

    Apr 03, 2023
    reactjs-philosophy-web-applications image

    ReactJS: Philosophy, Web Applications, Backend Requirements, APIs, BFF

    As of 2023, ReactJS is still at the top of the list of JavaScript technologies for frontend development. This JavaScript library is actively used by companies such as Airbnb, Coursera, Dropbox, eBay, Expedia, Netflix, The New York Times, and Reddit.

    Apr 13, 2023
    what-is-graphql-and-why-we-love-it image

    What Is GraphQL And Why We Love It

    GraphQL is an efficient alternative to REST and is a more "advanced" language for developing APIs. We must say it can handle it very well. In this article, we want to discuss what GraphQL is and why our developers like it.

    Apr 27, 2023
    websocket-what-it-is-when-to-use image

    WebSocket: What It Is, When To Use It, And What Benefits It Provides

    There are different ways of transferring data from the browser or application to the servers and back. The rules for these methods are described in special protocols. Some are used where there is no need to exchange data quickly, such as on information websites, while others are used where speed is essential, particularly in the Internet of Things.

    May 05, 2023
    mern-development image

    MERN Development: Why Are MaybeWorks Developers A Great Way To Augment Your Team?

    MERN is an effective technological stack for web application development. It is easy to use for those who already have experience with ReactJS. Knowledge of React at MaybeWorks has long been a mandatory criterion for any frontend specialist. The library is also part of our training program for new employees.

    May 12, 2023
    it-staff-augmentation-when-profitable image

    IT Staff Augmentation: When Profitable And When Is Not The Best Option

    IT staff augmentation is an approach for the profitable hiring of specialists. With IT staff augmentation, you don't have to develop a catchy ad for a vacancy, conduct dozens of interviews, and then think hard about the best choice. IT staff augmentation is much easier: you apply to the staff provider, get CVs, assess the suitable developers, sign the contract, and in the defined timeframe, the employee starts to work.

    May 29, 2023
    terms-of-reference image

    Terms Of Reference For The IT-Product Development: Why It Is Important

    The question of developing or not developing the terms of reference sometimes becomes the point at which contradictions erupt between the client and the executor. Without terms of reference, you can slow down the project's development, worsen the result of the work, and lose common ground with each other going separate ways without starting anything.

    Jun 16, 2023
    offshorenearshore-development-service image

    All You Need To Know About Offshore/Nearshore Development Service

    In today's globalized and technologically interconnected world, offshore and nearshore development have emerged as compelling strategies for companies seeking cost-effective and scalable software development solutions. These approaches offer access to a diverse talent pool, reduced development costs, and increased flexibility. However, they also present unique challenges that must be carefully navigated to ensure successful outcomes.

    Jul 04, 2023
    all-about-integrating-ai image

    All About Integrating AI Into Web And Mobile Applications

    AI integration has become increasingly accessible thanks to advancements in machine learning algorithms, cloud computing infrastructure, and open-source libraries. It empowers developers to create applications that can understand, learn, and adapt to user behavior, ultimately improving efficiency and personalization. From virtual assistants that can understand natural language to image recognition systems that can identify objects in real-time, AI is reshaping how we interact with technology daily.

    Jul 12, 2023
    importance-of-software-maintenance-to-your-business image

    Importance of Software Maintenance to Your Business

    Companies that neglect to maintain their software can face several difficulties that can seriously affect business.

    Jul 24, 2023
    real-world-ai-applications-retail-autonomous image

    Real-World AI Applications: Retail, Autonomous Transportation, Engineering, And Manufacturing

    Welcome to the age of AI, where technological marvels have seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily lives. With scientific advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision, our world has changed profoundly, shaping how we interact with technology and each other.

    Aug 01, 2023
    artificial-intelligence image

    Artificial Intelligence In Logistics: How To Apply AI In The Supply Chain?

    Artificial intelligence is taking a bigger place in our lives every day.

    Aug 16, 2023
    using-chatgpt-in-projects-development-today image

    Using ChatGPT In Projects Development Today

    Apart from text-to-image models, one of the landmark events of 2022 was undoubtedly the ChatGPT model.

    Sep 06, 2023
    saas-the-actual-technology-stack-in-2024 image

    SaaS: The Actual Technology Stack in 2024

    SaaS is a convenient model for both customers and software providers. It eliminates the need for the end user to purchase and maintain infrastructure while the vendor receives constant profit due to the subscription model.

    Sep 27, 2023
    types-of-web-applications-choosing-the-right image

    Types of web applications: choosing the right one for your business

    Web applications are steadily taking their place on the internet and continue to evolve. This is due to their ease of use and readiness for use on mobile devices. In turn, frameworks for their development are evolving (and new ones are emerging).

    Oct 10, 2023
    10-most-helpful-js-open-source-projects image

    10 Most helpful JS Open-Source Projects

    JavaScript stands out as one of the most versatile programming languages today. Its popularity is rooted in its integral role alongside HTML and CSS, forming the cornerstone of the World Wide Web, allowing us to shape the Internet as we know it today.

    Nov 08, 2023
    what-are-the-emerging-trends-in-web-development image

    What Are The Emerging Trends In Web Development?

    Can you fathom the lightning speed at which the web development landscape is evolving? It feels like just yesterday we marveled at parallax scrolling, and today, we're taking a quantum leap into the captivating realm of 3D.

    Nov 17, 2023
    an-introduction-to-the-bun-javascript-runtime image

    An Introduction to the Bun JavaScript Runtime

    JavaScript continues to stand as the cornerstone of modern programming languages. Amidst this ever-evolving landscape, a new player has emerged — the Bun JavaScript Runtime. This groundbreaking runtime environment promises to redefine the way developers conceive and execute their JavaScript applications.

    Dec 06, 2023
    angular-v17 image

    Angular v17: What Is Our MaybeWorks Team Impressed Most Of All?

    Celebrating the 13th milestone of Angular's iconic red shield, the Angular team reflects on the legacy of AngularJS as the catalyst for a revolutionary era in JavaScript frameworks designed to meet the escalating demand for dynamic web experiences. Now, embarking on a visionary journey with Version 17, the Angular team redefines benchmarks for performance and elevates the developer experience.

    Dec 24, 2023
    10-backend-development-trends-to-follow-in-2024 image

    10 Backend Development Trends to Follow in 2024

    Backend development serves as the foundational structure for websites and applications, driving the functionality and performance upon which users depend. The backend development landscape is constantly evolving, propelled by emerging technologies and evolving digital business practices.

    Jan 09, 2024
    chatbot-development-everything-you-need-to-know image

    Chatbot Development: Everything You Need To Know

    The journey of bots commenced in 1966 with the emergence of text bots like Eliza, progressing into voice-based bots during the 80s. Simply put, a bot is software capable of engaging in intelligent conversations with humans.

    Feb 12, 2024
    outsourcing-vs-outstaffing image

    Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing: Which Model Will Suit For Your Business?

    One of the important tasks of any business or project is to optimize processes that will allow you to perform valuable actions without unnecessary effort. This applies to software development: applications, websites, or mobile apps, etc. In most cases, such work is project-based and does not require a permanent employee on staff. That is why outsourcing and outstaffing services are optimal.

    Mar 15, 2024
    it-staff-augmentation-vs-outsourcing image

    Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing: What is the Difference and How to Choose?

    In today`s business environment, companies actively use various models of working with personnel to optimize costs and increase efficiency. Staff augmentation and outsourcing are two of the most popular formats of cooperation. Both approaches offer companies various advantages: access to professional IT specialists, reduced staffing costs, and increased operational flexibility. Choosing an outsourcing or staff augmentation model depends on many factors, including project specifics, budget, timing, and skill requirements.

    Mar 26, 2024
    ionic-vs-electron image

    Ionic vs Electron: Mobile or Desktop Development

    This article delves into the comparative analysis of the Electron vs Ionic frameworks, exploring their unique characteristics, strengths, and ideal use cases.

    Apr 09, 2024
    offshore-staff-augmentation image

    Offshore IT Staff Augmentation: Benefits, Challenges, Ways to Implementation

    In a world where technology develops at an incredible speed and competition in the software market reaches cosmic heights, every IT company strives to stay afloat. However, what to do when projects increase and more and more hands are needed? That's where IT staff augmentation comes in - an effective way to expand your development team in 2024.

    Apr 17, 2024
    managing-remote-development-teams image

    How to Manage Remote Developers: Challenges, Tools and Tips

    Managing a remote development team is becoming increasingly urgent today, where boundaries are blurring thanks to digital technologies. You need an effective approach to organizing the work‍ of a team, regardless of whether its members are located in one office or distributed around the world. In this article‍, we'll look at how to manage a remote development team, ensuring high productivity ‍ and synchronization of efforts among all project participants.

    Apr 22, 2024
    pros-and-cons-of-ionic-framework image

    Pros and Cons of Ionic Framework for App Development

    In the fast-paced app development world, choosing the proper framework is crucial for success. Among the plethora of options available, Ionic Framework stands out as a popular choice for building cross-platform mobile applications. The advantages of Ionic attract many developers. Its ease of use, versatility, and extensive feature set make it a compelling option for developers seeking to streamline their development process and reach a wider audience. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of Ionic mobile framework.

    Apr 30, 2024
    staff-augmentation-vs-managed-services image

    Managed Services Model vs Staff Augmentation: Key Differences

    Companies often face the challenge of choosing the right strategy to meet their evolving needs. Two popular approaches for leveraging external expertise are staff augmentation and managed services. Each model offers distinct advantages and addresses different operational requirements. This article features the core distinctions between IT managed services vs staff augmentation.

    May 23, 2024
    case-study-on-erp image

    ERP Implementation Case Studies: Best Examples

    MaybeWorks IT staff augmentation provider can assist with complex projects. Our developers can help develop, implement, and integrate ERP systems for large companies and corporations as well as medium and small businesses. In this article, you can find our case study on ERP, which proves our expertise.

    Jun 04, 2024
    development-team-extension image

    IT Team Extension: Benefits, Challenges, Steps to Extend

    Dev team extension in Europe involves providing specialists for temporary remote work. The employee remains employed by the company and receives labor remuneration and tax deductions from his direct employer, not the client. This article will discuss everything you need to know about IT team extensions.

    Jun 17, 2024
    ionic-features image

    Features of Ionic Framework

    With the passage of time, from the birth of the first smartphones to the present, there has been an increase in supply and demand in the app market. It encompasses various areas, including entertainment, social services, wellness, etc. From a technical point of view, apps can be classified into three categories.

    Jun 24, 2024
    ionic-framework-for-hybrid-app-development image

    Hybrid App Development With Ionic Framework

    Mobile application development is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing IT industries. As the number of smartphone users increases yearly, the demand for mobile applications grows.

    Jul 01, 2024
    future-proof-software-engineering image

    How to Make Your Software Development Future-proofing?

    The idea of future-proofing your code frequently surfaces in software discussions. It sounds ideal—who wouldn't want their code to withstand the test of time? However, the reality is far less enchanting and significantly more complex. This article will explore what people typically mean by "future-proofing" and 5 steps to create future-proofed software. You will also find an answer to the question, “Is software development future-proof?”

    Jul 01, 2024
    scaling-software-development-team image

    How to Scale a Development Team: Challenges and Tips

    The difficulties associated with rapid growth often limit the productivity gains hoped for by hiring additional employees. The side effects of growth can even lower the team's overall efficiency. Both fast-growing startups with 10 to 250 employees and small teams of developers growing rapidly within large organizations can experience productivity drops and communication difficulties. Typical problems for companies in the ultra-fast-growth stage include employee dissatisfaction, decreased enthusiasm, product quality issues, and customer dissatisfaction.

    Jul 08, 2024
    angular-js-to-react-migration image

    Migrating From AngularJS To React: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Staying current with evolving technologies is paramount to ensuring scalability, maintainability, and enhanced user experiences. As AngularJS reaches its sunset phase, many developers migrate AngularJS to React, a robust and widely adopted JavaScript library. This transition not only promises modernization but also unlocks a host of benefits, from improved performance to a more intuitive development experience. This article explores how to convert AngularJS to React.

    Jul 15, 2024

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